Opportunities for Students

Have you ever needed more funding? Ever thought a semester abroad might be just what you needed? Ever wanted to explore other disciplines while simultaneously incorporating it into your research? Have you ever just wondered what else is out there for industrial ecologists?

Here you will find a multitude of opportunities for students, including: additional funding, student sabbatical research opportunities (both internships and opportunities for conducting your research elsewhere), and programs in IE.

Please email the web chair if you have any student opportunity postings or additions.

Additional Funding

Student Sabbatical Research Opportunities

  • Fulbright Grants for educational and cultural exchange offers opportunities for US students to spend anywhere from 6 months to a year conducting research in a foreign country as well as providing a similar exchange for nonUS students to conduct research in the US.
  • OakRidge National Laboratories in Tennessee offers several internship and postdoc opportunities, including the RAMS (Research Alliance in Math and Science) Program.
  • The Environmental Careers Organization offers numerous internships. They have partnerships with USEPA, USGS, NOAA and many other organizations.
  • Nanjing opportunity with Jun Bi...
  • France opportunity with Arnulf...

Programs in IE

  • A compilation of academic programs in IE compiled by Kristen Cockerill for the main ISIE website. Includes over 75 universities worldwide.
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability programs in NGOs, Academia, and Research Institutes can be found on the website of a Tufts' alumnus.
  • Joyce Cooper's website provides a table of universities with LCA related courses in North America.
  • Information on the master's program in Energy Science at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands can be found here.
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