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This page provides a list of job openings and research opportunities of interest to the industrial ecology community. We are using the blogging feature of our website for this page. To post a new job opportunity, please send your notice to the ISIE office. We will delete these posts after six months or whenever you notify us that the opening has been filled.
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  • 10 Feb 2016 10:41 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

    Title: Material and Product Recycling Design Engineer

    Institution: Apple

    Location: Santa Clara Valley, California, US

    Job Summary

    Apple's Environmental Technologies team is seeking an experienced engineer to manage investigations into material and product recycling. Areas of focus include material recovery technologies, material extraction methods, material separation, product disassembly, and design for recycling. The candidate will be responsible for developing a roadmap of recycling technologies that address all the steps in the process from initial product disassembly through to final material recovery. The candidate will be expected to identify and evaluate novel material recovery methods, manage proof-of-concept trials with internal teams and third-party recyclers, work with Apple’s recycling team on implementing new technologies at recycling sites, and work with internal product design teams on integrating features that better enable product disassembly and material recovery.

    Key Qualifications

    • Knowledge of material life cycles, specifically end-of-life options for material recovery and recycling, with a particular focus on materials used in consumer electronics and industrial manufacturing.
    • Expertise developing and implementing novel recycling technologies, particularly on electronic products
    • Experience developing process models and quantitative analyses for material extraction, synthesis, processing, recovery, and recycling
    • Knowledge of metal recycling processes, including new, emerging technologies in hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, and biometallurgy
    • Understanding of best practices for design for environment, design for recycling, and an understanding of environmental regulations and standards applicable to the design of electronic products
    • Familiarity with life-cycle assessment methods or with other environmental-impact assessment methods, including modeling approaches and applications
    • Comfortable with developing assumptions, working and making decisions with limited and imperfect data, and quantifying and identifying sources of uncertainty.
    • Minimum three years experience driving environmental or recycling initiatives in industry
    • Self-starter with a proven ability to influence others
    • Outstanding written and oral communication skills
    • Excellent project management skills, with experience interacting with interdisciplinary project teams


    This position is offered in Apple's Environmental Technologies group within Apple's Product Design division. Our mission is to deliver the world's leading programs on the elimination of hazardous substances, improved material and energy efficiency as well as design for recycling. Apple believes that major improvements in environmental performance will be delivered through product design and innovation. This candidate will be responsible for developing novel material-level and product-level recycling technologies to maximize material recovery and environmental benefit at end-of life.


    Engineering degree in material science, materials engineering, metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering, and/or related fields. MS/PhD degree holders encouraged to apply.

    Please click here to apply

  • 10 Feb 2016 10:38 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

    Title: Senior Environmental Analyst

    Institution: Apple

    Location: Santa Clara Valley, California, US

    Job Summary

    Apple's Environmental Technologies group is seeking a candidate to assist with the energy and environmental modeling of manufacturing processes, life-cycle assessment, and other data-driven energy and environmental analyses. The candidate will work closely with internal teams to scope projects, gather data, analyze data, create spreadsheet-based process models, and present findings and conclusions as they relate to engineering decisions.

    Key Qualifications

    • Experience with developing process models for engineering/manufacturing processes, particularly modeling energy and material inputs and emission outputs.
    • Working knowledge of manufacturing processes such as injection molding, stamping, forging, machining, casting, etc. Knowledge of electronics manufacturing, including semiconductor manufacturing processes, is a strong advantage
    • Comfortable with developing assumptions, working and making decisions with limited and imperfect data, and identifying and quantifying sources of uncertainty.
    • Thorough understanding of energy, power, energy sources, and the relative impacts of various energy sources.
    • Familiarity with life-cycle assessment methods, modeling approaches, and applications
    • Familiarity with environmental metrics and environmental reporting standards a strong advantage
    • Self-motivated and proactive
    • Attention to detail is a must
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Experience managing, organizing and maintaining large datasets
    • Experience with spreadsheets and data manipulation


    This position is offered in Apple's Environmental Technologies group within Apple's Hardware Engineering division. Our mission is to deliver the world's leading programs on the elimination of hazardous substances, improved material and energy efficiency as well as design for recycling. Apple believes that major improvements in environmental performance will be delivered through product design and innovation. The candidate will be responsible for driving the quantitative analyses that underlie environmental initiatives, working to collect data, analyze data, and present results on which decisions can be made. The candidate will also work closely with cross-functional teams on new product development, focusing on environmental attributes of products. The preferred candidate must be able to juggle multiple projects, prioritize issues as needed, and work independently.


    BS degree required; MS and PhD degrees welcome; engineering background strongly preferred.

    Please click here to apply

  • 10 Feb 2016 10:28 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

    Position: Lead Researcher for Industrial Ecology Digital Lab

    Institution: Norwegian University of Science & Technology - Department of Energy and Process Engineering

    Location: Trondheim, Norway

    Deadline: February 26, 2016

    The successful candidate will support the Indecol group by supervising the Industrial Ecology Digital Lab activities in the development of a common digital architecture for the Programme, geared towards both the near-term and long-term research requirements. He or she will have responsibility to coordinate development of the digital infrastructure across research projects and sub-groups within the Programme. Identification of efficient and innovative solutions yielding synergies across different projects will be important for the group’s short-term research objectives while at the same time developing the implementations of novel approaches to meet the group’s long-term research objectives. The position will be reporting to the program director and work closely with the faculty in the group on developing the digital lab.

    In practical terms the candidate can expect to be responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of a generic ontology of digital resources (data, classifications, software) relevant for industrial ecology research. Research outcomes are expected in line with these duties.

    The position will require day-to-day interactions with scientists in the sub-domains of industrial ecology, providing solutions for both highly scalable applications, and also for ensuring longevity of existing research. The successful candidate will also be expected to help develop and implement new methodologies within the field of Industrial Ecology. He or she will also initiate, develop, implement, and manage scientific applications, projects and initiatives to ensure access to and sharing of Industrial Ecology tools and data with the world. Finally, the candidate will be responsible for setting up best practice guidelines for software and database development and operations within the Programme and for communicating these guidelines to new researchers and PhDs.

    The position requires competence in multiple programming languages, as well as a high level of technical computational expertise. Ability and evidence of use of open-source systems is beneficial. He or she must be able to work in a mixed computing environment that includes different operating systems. The candidate must be willing to learn new programming languages and to keep up to date with new advances in digital research. The successful candidate must have a PhD and or a post.doc in industrial ecology, multiregional input-output analysis, LCA or MFA. A documented relevant research record is required. The language of work will be English. Good communication skills, ability to initiate and lead work is required.

    Further information on the position can be obtained from Professor Anders Hammer Strømman ( General information on the industrial ecology program is available at our website

    The application including a CV, transcripts from previous education, and any other relevant enclosures should be sent electronically through this website. Mark your application with IVT - 37/16

    Application deadline: 28th February 2016.


  • 26 Jan 2016 8:33 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

    Title: PhD Studentship: Spatial Analysis of Low Carbon Innovations

    Institution: Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of East Anglia 

    Location: Norwich, UK

    Deadline: Mid-Feb 2016

    Exciting PhD opportunity to work on the diffusion of low carbon innovations as part of a 4 year ERC-funded project at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of East Anglia (UK).
    Start date is Oct 2016 with standard PhD stipend of £14,057 p.a.
    For further details, see:
    Please contact Charlie Wilson at the Tyndall Centre for further details:

  • 26 Jan 2016 8:30 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)
    Title: Research Position for LCA Practitioner

    Seeking: LCA practitioner based in the United Kingdom who has experience collecting LCI data to join a research collaboration in Chile. The collaboration will be with faculty from the Catholic University of Chile, in Santiago. It will be conducted between July and December 2016, and provides round trip UK-Chile travel.

    The practitioners will be able to demonstrate:

    • Proof that she or he works in a research institution or university in the UK
    • Experience in creating LCI data for use in LCA, in accordance with international standards

    For further details about this unique opportunity, please email Prof. Oscar Huerta at:

  • 26 Jan 2016 8:26 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

    Title: Master student internship in "Development of process simulation tools for potable water treatment" (M/F)

    Institution: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

    Location: Belvaux, Luxembourg

    Objectives of the internship:

    Within the OASIS (Optimization based integrated process modelling-LCA: application to potable water production) project framework, in collaboration with INSA Toulouse and Insight Centre for Data Analytics (University College Cork), the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is looking for a trainee in order to develop process simulation tools for potable water treatment. In particular, this work aims at modelling ultrafiltration membrane treatment from experimental data, as well as mass and energy balances. The developed module will be programmed in Python and integrated in Umberto software. Effectively, a process simulation tool called EVALEAU already includes several modules for potable water treatment (e.g. coagulation, flocculation, filtration, etc.) and will be therefore completed thanks to the work carried out during the internship. Finally, the ultrafiltration model will be tested based on real data from existing production sites.

    The internship will be decomposed in several tasks:

    1. Data collection

    The trainee will collect data from potable water production sites (water quality, energy consumption, membrane design and materials, etc.). A literature review will be also carried out for the theoretical modelling of ultrafiltration membrane process.

    2. Modelling

    Based on the collected information, one (or several depending on the variability of ultrafiltration operating conditions) unit process will be modelled. To do so, decisional variables (e.g. membrane material, reaction time) will be identified. Mass and energy balances will be developed to calculate the process consumption, as well as effluent quality, based on influent quality and decisional variables. Equations will be then programmed in Python language and the developed module(s) will be added to the EVALEAU tool.

    3. Validation

    The simulation module will be integrated in the Umberto model of two potable water production sites. Simulations will be carried to compare results with experimental data. Results analysis will validate and eventually refine the model.

    Trainee profile:

    - Master program or equivalent, specialised in water treatment, process engineering or related topics

    - Knowledge of Umberto and/or Python language is an asset

    - Language: English (mandatory), French is an asset

    Application (CV and motivation letter) should be sent to

  • 26 Jan 2016 8:20 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

    Position: PhD Position on Dynamics of Urban Metabolism

    Institution: EPFL

    Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

    Deadline: March 1, 2016

    100% PhD Position on Dynamics of Urban Metabolism

    We are offering a 100% PhD researcher position on Dynamics of Urban Metabolism at the newly founded Laboratory for Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems, ENAC, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    The research focus of the Laboratory is on the transition of urban systems towards sustainability. A key area will be the analysis and spatially explicit modelling of the dynamics of urban metabolism. The PhD position will analyse changes in urban metabolism at a spatial level and link it to lifestyles and behavioural parameters.

    Your job
    • Full responsibility for your own research under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Claudia Binder and Dr. Guillaume Massard.
    • Support to build-up the newly founded Swiss Mobiliar Chair on Urban Ecology
    • Research in collaboration with the research team and potential city partners
    • Teaching

    We expect 
    • An excellent MSC degree, preferably in Environmental Engineering, Architecture or Geography
    • A strong methodological background in GIS and modelling
    • Basic knowledge on quantitative social science methods
    • High interest in understanding dynamics in urban metabolism including social aspects
    • Proficiency in English, strong team spirit, social skills, independence and a high level of motivation for academic research work motivated by relevant practical problems
    • French knowledge is an asset

    We offer 
    • Excellent working conditions: an innovative and competitive atmosphere, modern equipped working areas and an environment that promotes access to the world's best scientists
    • Full financial support including conference visits
    • Contract of 1 year, renewable, maximum 4 years
    • The position is open as of May 2016 or upon agreement

    Please send your curriculum vitae including your list of publications and two references by March 1st in one PDF to:

    To view the full job posting please visit the EPFL website

  • 26 Jan 2016 8:11 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)
    Title: Post-Doctoral Position - "RECYCLED: Recycling of LED Lamp

    Institution: CREIDD Research Centre on Environmental Studies & Sustainability, University of Technology of Troyes

    Location: Troyes, France

    Deadline: February 29, 2016

    Starting date: ASAP

    We (Dr. Junbeum Kim and Dr. Bertrand Laratte) are looking for a motivated and highly skilled Post-doc researcher to join our research project. The post-doc will work for following research project: RECYLED: Recycling of LED lamp funded by Champagne Ardenne region in France. The purpose of RECYCLED project is to identify a method and a processing method of lighting LED (light bulbs, tubes...) according to its typology for a recovery in basic components and reuse of certain components, particular LED chip and electronic component. For this project, we will work with LNIO research team and Artemise recycling company.

    The Post-doc position will be offered by CREIDD Research Centre on Environmental Studies & Sustainability, Department of Humanities, Environment & Information Technology University of Technology of Troyes.

    · Applicants should have competitive Ph.D. degree.

    · Skills in LCA (e.g., development of life cycle inventory) and MFA modeling are expected.

    · Knowledge of recycling of E-waste and LED lamps is an important advantage.

    · Good English speaking and writing. Knowledge of French is not required but it is an advantage.

    All applicants must send below documents for selection:  

    1) A cover letter with their motivations(2-3 pages)

    2) CVs 

    3) The reports, articles, which he/she has already written in English

    4) Two reference letters

    Please send your application to Dr. Junbeum Kim at

  • 26 Jan 2016 8:00 AM | Preeth Srinivasaraghavan (Administrator)

    Position: Senior Associate or Full Professor for the tenure-stream position of Erivan K. Haub Chair in Business and Sustainability

    Institution: The Schulich School of Business at York University

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Deadline: February 12, 2016 - Position would be effective July 1, 2016 or as soon as possible thereafter

    The Erivan K. Haub Chair in Business and Sustainability was one of the first of its kind in North America. For more than two decades, the Chair has been an integral part of the Schulich School of Business, helping the school to become a globally recognized leader in sustainability research and teaching. Now, as part of the school-wide Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business, the Erivan K. Haub Chair in Business and Sustainability offers a unique opportunity to join a thriving, vibrant community of scholars, students and practitioners engaged in driving the transformation of business education towards a sustainable future.

    Preferred candidates for the position will:
    - possess a PhD degree;
    - have evidence of excellence in teaching at the university level;
    - have an outstanding and ongoing program of academic research and publishing in top-tier journals on the subject of business and sustainability;
    - have demonstrated leadership in the research field of business and sustainability;
    - be expected to provide leadership in the areas of teaching, curriculum development, student engagement and extra-curricular activities in business and sustainability;
    - be expected to provide engagement and outreach to the broader practitioner community;
    - be eligible for prompt appointment to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

    Salary and benefits are competitive. All York University positions are subject to budgetary approval.

    Applicants should send an electronic application, including application letter, a curriculum vitae, names of three referees, and information regarding teaching performance to
    Informal inquiries about the position can be made to the Co-Chairs of the Search Committee: Professor Andrew Crane ( or Professor Dirk Matten (, or any of the Search Committee members - Professor Irene Henriques (, Professor Christine Oliver ( or Professor Burkard Eberlein (

  • 25 Jan 2016 12:50 PM | Judy Crocker (Administrator)

    Title:  Postdoctoral Associate or Research Associate

    Institution:  Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Center for Industrial Ecology

    Location:  New Haven, Connecticut, USA

    Deadline:  March 6, 2016

    The Postdoctoral associate is to conduct analysis of global production networks to understand the pattern of the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, including the role of regional differences in technology and resource endowments, and to develop an understanding of the effects of the rapid emergence of China as manufacturing powerhouse and investigate the potential further emergence of the economies of India and Africa on greenhouse gas emissions from industry. The project will utilize newly constructed time series of multiregional input-output (MRIO) tables, as well as data on international trade, production and infrastructure.

    The project is directed by Professor Edgar Hertwich at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology. It involves collaboration with scientists both internationally and at different parts of Yale University. 

    Prior to applying, candidates should explore websites for Yale F&ES ( and the Center for Industrial Ecology ( Required materials should be submitted to and include: 1) cover letter, 2) curriculum vita, 3) statement of research, 4) writing sample (one publication), 5) names and contact information of 3 references.


    New Haven, Connecticut, USA


    June 1, 2016 (Flexible)The project is directed by Professor Edgar Hertwich at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology. It involves collaboration with scientists both internationally and at different parts of Yale University.


    PostDoc applicants must hold a Ph.D. in industrial ecology, physics, engineering or applied economics and have strong modelling and programming skills. Applicants to the Research Associate position should have at least three years of research experience beyond the PhD. Programming skills in high level languages (e.g., Matlab, Python, R, GAMS, Java, C++) and familiarity with databases are an asset. Candidates for the research associate position should demonstrate experience in research management and fund raising and a track record of productive, high-impact research. The selected candidate must be able to meet eligibility requirements for work in the United States at the time the appointment is scheduled to begin and to continue working legally for the proposed term of the appointment.


    Review of applications will begin in February 2015 and continue until the positions are filled.  To receive full consideration, please submit your application no later than March 6, 2016.


    This is a full-time, one to two year, non-tenure-track appointment with possibility of extension. Annual salary is competitive and depends upon education and experience. The position includes medical and dental benefits and paid time off.  Funds for some conference travel and research expenses will also be provided.

    Yale University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer. Yale values diversity among its students, staff, and faculty and strongly welcomes applications from women, persons with disabilities, protected veterans, and underrepresented minorities.

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